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About Us

Har El, the North Shore Centre for Jewish Life strives to nurture progressive Jewish spiritual and cultural identity. We endeavor to achieve this through building a warm, welcoming, inclusive, and open-minded Jewish home for all.

We are an egalitarian synagogue affiliated with the Conservative movement. Our religious services include equal participation of men and women. As the home for Jewish life on the North Shore, we include many cultural, social, and educational programs beyond religious services.

The North Shore Centre for Jewish Life will be a place:

  • With many doors leading in
  • Free of judgment, where every person with a Jewish spirit is welcome and valued
  • Where people can celebrate Jewish worship and lifecycle events
  • Where people can congregate in ways that are important to them, be it based on ritual, social, cultural or otherwise
  • That will help ensure the perpetual presence of our community and pass on our values from generation to generation
  • That proudly demonstrates solidarity with the State of Israel
  • That recognizes its role within the larger local community
Tue, June 25 2024 19 Sivan 5784